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Services and SolutionsAt Border States, we make sure our customers have the right materials when and where they’re needed. Our project management services keep work crews going and on schedule.

Border States helps customers store and secure material on site, minimize damage and reduce shrinkage. We also help them meet material requirements for each phase of the job, and ensure all things go according to plan.

Hear some of our latest customer testimonials below.


‘We have the right material, when and where we need it’

“It’s really about getting the right material, at the right time and in the right place.” “I think the biggest value is we’ve been able – because of our relationship and trust between each other on the material – to finish on time and within budget.”

‘Border States aims to meet all expectations’

“Border States basically loaded onto our dollies in a way that brought materials right to the point of installation. It’s been an invaluable service, and has saved us several hundred man-hours.”

‘We feel like Border States understands our needs’

“We’ve been able to have a connection with Border States, and even the manufacturers, to where we’ve included the manufacturers in our project interviews.”

‘Our partnership with Border States has paid off’

“Our partnership has really paid off with Border States – making sure we have what we need. We find that in pre-planning the jobs with Border States, we can really have a good result on the job site.”

Check out these recent services and solutions features from Border States

Border States’ VMI service uses latest tech to make material management easy
Convenient material access with Border States job site boxes and carts
Border States’ mobile app finds products in seconds by using your phone’s camera
Border States eases material tracking by using your part numbers
Material staging: The right project materials, when you need them
Job site containers offer secure, easy access to materials
Secure, accessible inventory with job site trailers
Kitting saves time and money

For more information on all Border States services and solutions, contact a Border States account manager today.

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