VMIManaging material should be easy – allowing you to focus on your core business. That’s why Border States offers vendor-managed inventory, also called VMI.

Through VMI, we use bar code technology, making for an incredibly easy material management process. Keep inventory at the preset level you decide, so no time is wasted.

How VMI Works

Start VMI by applying bar code labels to your material storage location, setting the minimum/maximum values for each item managed, scanning items at intervals agreed upon by you, and we will replenish the material right to your shelf or job site.

Don’t worry about managing inventory, especially if you’re a storeroom or facility operations manager who needs time to manage more critical materials or projects, and to focus on your core business needs. That’s why VMI is key, saving you time and reducing processing costs.

SupplyTraxWe also know that reducing the number of processes to purchase and receive material is important for procurement managers and executives. Border States’ VMI service leads to reduced operating costs from less purchase order and receiving activity.

Another benefit for procurement is VMI provides a great method to track inventory performance and reduce potential dead inventory. Our service helps inventory turns improve with access to line item usage reporting. Cash flow is also improved when unnecessary inventory is eliminated.

Other Benefits

  • Reduced stockouts improves crew productivity and speeds up project or task completion.
  • Special freight charges are reduced.
  • VMI eliminates the need for employees to hunt for material, making them more productive.
  • Slow-moving or obsolete inventory is reduced.
  • When employees can count on the material being there, they are less likely to hoard supplies in their work area.

VMI is the Border States-delivered solution you need. For questions, contact your Border States account manager today.

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