Part-Number-SynchronizationIntroducing part number synchronization

As a storeroom attendant or manager, you know what material you want, but it’s oftentimes difficult to keep your part number in sync with the distributor’s or manufacturer’s catalog number. You shouldn’t have to follow both numbering systems, and you certainly shouldn’t have to tweak your system when you partner with a distributor.

That’s why Border States provides part number synchronization. We work with you to link your part numbers to the material you want, allowing you to order, receive, pay and invoice using your existing part numbers and procedures.

This requires no action from you, so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

Save time

Your receiving personnel will save time when they handle familiar part numbers, and invoicing personnel will need less time to identify material used for a project.

Additionally, part number synchronization results in less time spent on invoicing your customer and no unnecessary part number duplication.

Other benefits

Here’s how part number synchronization works with the mobile app: You tell us what products you use, along with the part number your company references for each, and we’ll link the numbers up to the corresponding Border States products. Once we have your part numbers synched, you can use our mobile app to search for products by your own part number, add to your basket and place an order, then receive, pay and invoice products using your existing part numbers and procedures.

You can explore more on your own by downloading and using the Border States e-commerce app at the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. If you have an existing login to the full Border States e-commerce site today, you can use that same login for the mobile app. Otherwise, existing customers can request access to the Border States e-commerce app and site here.

Contact a trusted Border States Account Manager today to find out how part number synchronization can benefit you.

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