Material Staging

Material StagingWhen it comes to your project, you shouldn’t have to worry about transporting or managing materials. That’s what material staging is for.

Material staging is a service that ensures specific materials are delivered to your project site – precisely when you need them. Through SupplyTrax, Border States does all the work of organizing material delivery based on your work schedule and project plans, which minimizes job site material handling, damage, misplacement and loss.

You also save money. The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) estimates 40 percent of a project’s labor cost is consumed by material handling.


Border States works with you to procure and deliver material so you have the right material available when and where you need it. Organizing delivery by your project schedule reduces the need for on-site storage, which is beneficial for job sites with limited space.

Increase job site efficiency, productivity

How much of your crew’s time is spent away from the job site to pick up material from vendors, your shop or other material storage locations? And how much inventory is lost due to storage in multiple locations and misplacement?

Border States material staging can save you valuable time and money on your next project by providing seamless workflows, making sure your crews no longer have to leave the job site for material replenishment.

Organized material

Plus, if you spend a significant amount of time sorting through material on the job site to retrieve something you need for a specific area or task, material staging is a great solution. With a better organized, more efficient job site, it keeps your crews focused on their tasks by minimizing their need for material searching and sorting.

Material staging – your project solution

Border States material staging saves you time and boosts productivity. For more information, contact a trusted Border States account manager.

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