construction site efficiency

construction site efficiencyRising over budget and falling behind schedule are among the average contractor’s biggest worries. Both directly affect your bottom line, so naturally, construction site efficiency is usually top of mind.

Low productivity is oftentimes what leads to cost overruns and project delays. Minor inefficiencies add up, so it’s important for contractors to focus their energy on making small strides wherever possible to boost efficiency on the job site.

Check out these helpful tips on how to boost construction site efficiency and speed without sacrificing quality:

Plan ahead

In the journey to becoming quicker and more efficient on the job site, it’s important to take detailed planning seriously – right from the start. Forecast your needs for every aspect of a project and plan accordingly, especially when it comes to people, schedules, processes, material and other logistics.

If you’re more thorough at the front end of a project, your efforts will go more smoothly. Start by asking, how is this current project different from previous jobs? What milestones do I want to reach and when?

Be sure to set realistic goals that your crew understands. Remember, multiple smaller goals make a big project seem easier to accomplish.

Be open to listening to your crew’s insight. Additionally, train them well in order to attain greater productivity.

Time is money and decision-making is key. Become more organized by setting alerts in your electronic devices. Additionally, give others permission to remind you when a portion of your project is falling behind.

Master communication

Communicating with your crew is crucial to attaining high efficiency. Make sure you’re available to them as much as possible and make your project expectations clear right away.

Meet with your crew daily to talk about objectives and receive their feedback on how things are going. Always keep your people informed on project needs and expectations. No one can get a job done well if they don’t know what’s going on.

On the note of setting expectations, be sure to establish performance measurements for your crew. This can be a great motivational tool, especially when rewards are involved.

To keep your workers on task, regularly remind them of what they’re working toward. Communicating this to your employees gives them a sense of purpose.

Seek expertise from material management professionals

In today’s business environment, successful contractors know that maximizing productivity and efficiency – all within tight deadlines – is key to a profitable job site. That’s why having access to quality material management professionals is important.

According to the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), up to 40 percent of a project’s labor cost can be consumed by material handling – and that’s just labor costs. Learn more in this video:

Embrace technology

You have endless possibilities with technology. For one, you can cut costs and save time by designing prefabricated buildings, which can be installed more quickly than a traditional structure. They can also decrease costs and increase quality.

Additionally, adopting software for productivity, project management and building information modeling (BIM) helps avoid downtime and rework.

Using an application like PlanGrid, for example, lets you collect, manage and collaborate in real-time on drawings, submittals, markups, photos, issues and more, boosting your productivity in the process. Other software options can help you with bid management, billing and invoicing, documentation, incident reporting, time sheets, scheduling and more.

Provide safety training and hire good managers

Accidents delay projects and hinder productivity. Offer plenty of safety training to make your employees more aware of hazards.

Additionally, employing effective managers increases productivity. If they’re firm and sensible in their leadership, your crew will follow them and accomplish your goals.

Keys to construction site efficiency

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Plan ahead
  • Communicate well
  • Partner with material management professionals
  • Utilize technology
  • Provide safety training
  • Hire quality managers

Attaining construction efficiency is possible. It’s all about setting sensible goals and staying organized throughout the process.

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