Prefab rough-in assemblies simple, affordable with eFab™ online

prefab rough-in assemblies

prefab rough-in assembliesDelivering and installing prefab rough-in assemblies is quick and affordable with eFab™, a user-friendly online tool used for designing and ordering.

eFab™ takes the ‘rough’ out of prefab rough-in assemblies

Thanks to the existence of prefabrication (prefab), jobs that were once completely built and installed on-site can now be predesigned and fabricated off-site. It’s an option that combats challenges like the need for qualified labor (one of the largest construction expenses), fluctuating profit margins, frequent schedule compressions, as well as control of efficiency, quality and expense on out-of-area projects.

Prefab can even provide an advantage on project quotes by minimizing added labor expenses in highly competitive bid situations. However, there are still challenges with prefabbing a rough-in, especially when you need to consider:

  • Estimating all components
  • Sourcing and ordering those components.
  • Having everything delivered to your prefab shop for assembly (a logistical step that can result in delay.)
  • Paying a dedicated team to unpack and assemble the parts in a space large enough for inventory, assembly and shipping.
  • Maintaining a place to store finished assemblies (in case of job site delays).
  • Handling leftover parts you had to buy in quantities larger than required.
  • Spending time and money on packaging new assemblies for transport and installation.

An easier way

By partnering with a distributor like Border States to access eFab, there’s no need to spend time sourcing and ordering individual parts. It’s a one-stop-shop that dodges intermediate shipping costs, reduces labor by eliminating the need for a dedicated assembly team, and saves real estate and inventory costs.

eFab helps ensure quality installation every time, while greatly improving cash flow. Simply choose from popular pre-configured combinations, or use the exclusive 3D eFab configurator to customize an assembly. Essentially, everything needed to manage an order and calculate savings is online.

In commercial construction, labor cost is the single largest expense for an electrical contractor and can make or break a project’s profitability. How can you make your projects more competitive and profitable? Replace the tedious, repetitive portion of conventional installation with an innovative, prefabricated solution.


  • Cost Reduction: Improve efficiencies, and have no leftover material to worry about.
  • Consistency: With eFab, you know exactly what to expect each time you order.
  • Logistics: Take the headache out of ordering, shipping, managing resources and installation.

prefab rough-in assemblies

This blog post was drafted in partnership with Thomas & Betts. For questions regarding eFab, contact a Border States Account Manager near you.

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