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User-friendly inventory management possible with Trax

user-friendly inventory management

user-friendly inventory managementProfessionals who need quick and easy access to products and tools can save 30 percent or more with Trax, a user-friendly inventory management system from Border States.

Trax not only provides accountability, automatic reorders and a way to make sure workers have what they need to do their job, it’s a system that generates detailed reports on a specific employee, job or work order an item is tied to.

Ultimate security and accessibility

Trax Cabinet and Trax Crib, two pieces of the four-part Trax system explained further down, use security cameras to provide a 360-degree view, recording all inventory activity. Additionally, while Trax is connected to the internet, it synchronizes with the mobile-friendly Trax Cloud, ensuring consumer data is always secure and accessible – even without a network connection, if necessary.

Easy access: User-friendly inventory management

Whether it’s one item or several, users can easily check out their materials with a simple bar code scan. They can gain access in one of three ways:

  • Keypad code
  • Proximity card
  • Finger print scan

Flexible stocking options

Trax accommodates many material sizes, and users can set up items to be returnable, letting them easily track expensive tools and instruments based on the last user check-out. Plus, there are no coils, motors or moving parts, which helps avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Easy vending with the Trax Cabinet

user-friendly inventory managementThe Trax Cabinet features a self-contained tool crib and storeroom material management system constructed of rugged steel and plexiglass doors. It measures 72 inches high, 59 inches wide and 26 inches deep.

Motion-sensing cameras provide four viewpoints that record each transaction. Additionally, four adjustable shelves provide twice the usual amount of storage space and use less floor space than comparable vending systems. Internal LED lights allow users to easily see the products they need.

Trax Tracker designed for storerooms and mobile work

user-friendly inventory managementThe Trax Tracker is a 13-by-13-by-13-inch material management system designed for a storeroom or mobile application. It comes with a bar code scanner, operating system, monitor and four hours of backup power.

With an optional mobile adapter, users can take this system on the road. There’s also an optional badge reader available, which can be used to check material out to individual users.

Track high-value items with the Trax Crib Kit

user-friendly inventory managementAppropriate for any workspace, the Trax Crib Kit is a 30-by-30-by-14-inch station workers can use to track high-value items and returnable tools. The kit comes with access control that can be adapted to:

  • Existing doors
  • Motion-sensing camera surveillance systems
  • Operating systems
  • Bar code scanners
  • Monitors
  • Four-hour backup power

Practice accountability with the Trax Crib Kit Portal

user-friendly inventory managementFinally, users can practice accountability and utilize automated reordering for a job site trailer, job site container or other mobile storeroom application – all by using Border States’ Trax Crib Kit, which can be added to the optional gate and fence kit made to fit a specific opening.

For questions regarding the Trax series, contact a Border States Account Manager near you.

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