SupplyTrax Vending

Save time, money and effort, all while having your operations run smoothly and efficiently. That means reducing consumption, improving productivity, increasing accountability and improving procurement processes.

Make it easy with vending from Border States.

SupplyTrax VendingA seamless ordering process

SupplyTraxYour time is valuable and your business requirements are unique. Departments have varied order processes and frequency, which can cause a mode of operations that is reactive and hectic, as opposed to proactive and smooth. With a customized vending solution, Border States will provide automated reorder and replenishment capabilities, giving you peace of mind that your materials will be available when and where you need them.

Lower your purchasing costs with our tracking capabilities, which provide visibility to usage patterns and inventory flow.

Easily track material usage

Border States sends you email alerts when your safety stock level is reached, which saves you from unnecessary downtime. We also help you identify obsolete or underutilized inventory more quickly.

Eliminate tool crib trips

Material located close to where you work will increase productivity by minimizing walk-around time. You can even gain additional space by potentially removing large tool cribs.

Know where your high-value tools are

You get controlled access and reporting visibility to high-value and specialized tools and equipment. Need these products after normal hours? No problem. Your company maintains access to and control over equipment and materials.

When it comes to tracking tool maintenance and calibration, as well as metrology of gauges and instruments, our software is key. We also  provide detailed insight to inventory usage with reporting. Your business will be more productive and profitable when your high-value, specialized tools and instruments are secured and available to an authorized technician or tradesman.

SupplyTrax vending – the solution you need

Have questions about vending and controlled inventory management? Border States is here to provide suggestions and answers that will make your operations run smoothly. Contact a Border States account manager today.

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