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Walking in their boots: What it means to serve as an electrical lineman

what it means to serve as an electrical lineman

what it means to serve as an electrical lineman“Legends on the Line” is a social media series that stretches from National Lineman Appreciation Day (April 18) to Lineworker Appreciation Day (July 10) to honor the brave linemen and linewomen who climb above and beyond to power our world.

Linemen play a crucial role in delivering safe, reliable and affordable electricity that powers our lives. From dawn until dusk, on weekends and holidays, in good weather and in bad, these professionals are away from their families, riding around in bucket trucks, climbing wooden poles and working tirelessly to keep the lights on.

Life on the line is more than just a job; it’s a brotherhood, a sisterhood – a mission. Linemen everywhere serve an important purpose, which is to install and maintain the high-voltage transmission and distribution lines that transport electricity from utility-operated power plants to your home and place of business.

Working as a lineman requires teamwork, organization and constant troubleshooting, not to mention a tolerance of heights and willingness to learn the lineman’s dictionary. It’s one of the most dangerous jobs in America, which is why each day involves putting on harnesses, hard hats, rubber gloves and heavy boots.

In addition to having the right safety gear, linemen need mental and physical strength on the job. They must be quick on their feet and up for climbing one pole after another. Make no mistake, this job leaves no room for error as one small slip can mean life or death.

So, what drives someone to do such dangerous work? The truth is, passion is at the heart of what it means to be a lineman. These unsung heroes know they’re serving a greater purpose, which is to provide the power that empowers you.

So, whenever you flip a switch, turn on the air conditioning or use your water heater, remember the brave people who make those amenities possible. If you get a chance, be sure to thank a lineman today.

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