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Linemen Images from Past to Present: A Visual Journey

Linemen images

Alan Drew is the son of a power company executive and 2008 International Lineman Hall of Fame inductee. He is a leading historian on the rich heritage of the American linemen. His book, “The American Lineman” shares a story told through linemen images and the documented history of these hardworking men and women. He notes:

The evolution of the United States and all the advancements in technology that have been achieved closely follows the evolution of the use of electric power. Looking back at the recorded history of the evolution of electric power and communications, the scientists, entrepreneurs and financiers are the individuals receiving the lions’ share of the credit.


Very little is mentioned about the American linemen who built the Transcontinental Telegraph line, the Transcontinental Telephone line and all the power lines. The American Power Grid, which has been declared the greatest engineering achievement of the 20th century, was built piece by piece by linemen.

The hardworking men and women that help keep our lights on do not just maintain a presence in the field, they can be found in our culture, in linemen images and media throughout history. From movies and TV to prize winning photos and music, appreciation abounds in almost every facet of our culture.

The Movies: Storm Soldiers I and II, and More

Linemen images have been featured in movies and TV shows, including, but not limited to:

In partnership with Hubbell Power Systems and Chance Lineman Grade Tools, Storm Soldiers I and Storm Soldiers II showcase the hardworking Americans who work in the industry. Linemen often arrive to disaster scenes before first responders in order to ensure safety for rescue crews and help restore infrastructure. With a dynamic look at the struggles and triumphs of bringing electricity to communities, the films follow the linemen at work and their home lives. These men and women represent the over 100,000 linemen in America who work without complaints or excuses.


This award-winning movie is a tribute to the men and women who put their lives on the line and even though only one day is nationally recognized, we #ThankALineman every day.

Storm Soldiers movies support the National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen, the National Association of Journeymen Linemen and The International Lineman Museum.


A Visual Journey through Linemen History

Moments frozen in time tell the tale of adventure, danger, and hard work that line men and women have faced over the last 100 plus years. Take a look at linemen images from past to present.


You can find more images at the Pinterest and Google+ pages for the Northwest Lineman College.


In honor of National Lineman Appreciation Day, we gave away 10 autographed copies of “The American Lineman,” by Alan Drew.

Visit our National Lineman Appreciation Day Page to see the winners.


The American Lineman

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