Nation's Toughest

National Lineman Appreciation Day was introduced and quickly passed in 2013, since then power companies, line contractors and other organizations have held celebrations recognizing the hard work linemen, the nation’s toughest, do for this country.

There are also other ways people and organizations pay tribute to American linemen. Ranging from music to art, books and even movies, these tributes help educate the public about the trade and the dangers associated with the job.


Garman Lineman HP



Michael Garman has a series of linemen sculptures depicting the American dream. Garman has dedicated his life to sculpting American heroes from all walks of life.


Those who climb Hubbell Chance



Hubbell Power Systems developed a poster series that have become collectibles for those in the trade.  Hubbell Power Systems also produced two full-length movies about the lineman profession and their lives. Storm Soldiers and Storm Soldiers II are available to buy.




Alan Drew wrote “The American Lineman,” a book showcasing the history of the industry and the affect linemen and women have had on our country. Register to win one of 10 autographed copies.




Brandon Wylie wrote “Highline Cowboy,” to express his love for the industry. His father was a lineman and his grandfather was a musician. He found both talents and performs when he’s not doing his day job in the industry.


This year for National Lineman Appreciation Day, Border States’ Graphic Designer, George Stack, created a sticker to honor our nation’s toughest. You can download a digital copy and share it on your social pages to show your support, or you can contact your Border States Account Manager for a printed sticker.

Nation's Toughest

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We #ThankALineman, the nation’s toughest, for all their sacrifice, commitment and dedication to making sure our lights stay on.


In honor of National Lineman Appreciation Day, we gave away 10 autographed copies of “The American Lineman,” by Alan Drew.

Visit our National Lineman Appreciation Day Page to see the winners.


The American Lineman

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