How to Use a Defibrillator: ZOLL AED Plus Features Voice Instructions

How to use a defibrillator

How to use a defibrillatorIf you’re someone with little or no automated external defibrillator (AED) training who could someday have to address a victim’s heart rhythm complications, the ZOLL AED Plus is designed to give infrequent rescuers the confidence to save lives by giving voice instructions on how to use a defibrillator.

Featuring easy-to-follow voice instructions, the ZOLL AED Plus monitors a patient’s heartrate and, if required, delivers an electric shock to help restore normal heart rhythm. Designed for use by people with little or no training, the AED plus features CPR help technology that talks you through each vital stage in the chain of survival.

ZOLL’s real CPR help has been proven to more than double the chance of survival. Additionally, the device is inexpensive, incredibly durable, and well protected against water and dust particles.

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How to use a defibrillator: Step-by-step with the ZOLL AED Plus

  • Call for help: If someone around you is experiencing heart rhythm issues, call an ambulance right away.
  • Access your AED: Upon reaching the victim, remove the lid of the ZOLL AED Plus and turn it on. Follow the audio and visual prompts through each stage of the life support process. An LED light will indicate which step you should focus on.
  • Monitor breathing: Look for the rise and fall of the victim’s chest. Listen for effective breathing coming from the nose or mouth. If desired, the lid of the AED Plus can be placed behind the victim’s shoulders. This will help support and maintain an open airway. However, you should not use the lid as a support if you suspect the victim has a spinal injury.
  • Expose the chest area: Use the scissors from the ready kit to cut the victim’s clothing and expose their bare chest.
  • Access electrode pads: Tear open the electrode pack and unfold the electrode pads. The CPR-D pads are one-piece pads that are easy to place. Using the sensor crosshairs to guide you, align the CPR landmark between the victim’s nipples and the middle of their breastbone. Press the CPR landmark with your right hand, and pull the number two tab to peel the protective backing from the electrode. Press the electrode from the center out to make sure it adheres properly to the victim’s skin. Repeat the action on the lower pad, marked with a number three tab.
    • NOTE: If the patient is large, you will need to tear away the lower pad and the perforated line and extend it before pulling the number three tab. Instructions on the electrode pack remind you how to attach the electrodes to the victim.
  • Analyze heart rhythm: Once the pads are applied, the ZOLL AED Plus will automatically analyze the victim’s heart rhythm. The device will remind you to not touch the patient at this point.

How to use a defibrillatorIn summary

  • Press the ON/OFF button and follow the ZOLL AED Plus prompts.
  • The ZOLL AED Plus will talk you through each stage of the life support process.
  • The CPR-D pads are one-piece pads that ensure fast and accurate placement.


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