how to prepare for Hurricane Florence

how to prepare for Hurricane FlorenceSome of Border States’ East Coast branches have temporarily closed so our employee-owners there can safely evacuate and get a step up on how to prepare for Hurricane Florence.

A category 3 storm, Hurricane Florence is rapidly approaching the Carolinas. Multiple coastal counties are under evacuation orders, and with a potential for strong winds and heavy rains, this dangerous storm could result in serious flooding. That’s why it’s crucial for people to safeguard themselves and their loves ones.

8 tips on how to prepare for Hurricane Florence

As the storm approaches, please follow official instructions given by state and federal authorities. Helpful sources of communication include (South Carolina), (North Carolina) and the National Hurricane Center.

Here are eight helpful tips to prepare for Hurricane Florence:

  • Plan your evacuation route.
  • Establish a family rendezvous point in case of separation.
  • Pack nonperishable food and clean water.
  • Have an emergency kit.
  • Charge your devices to maintain communication and stay up-to-date on the storm.
  • Find out where local evacuation shelters are located.
  • Don’t attempt to drive through floodwater.
  • Bring proper clothing and take steps to insulate your clothes.

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