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How to install power distribution connectors in icy winter conditions

How to install power distribution connectors

How to install power distribution connectorsThis article walks through how to install power distribution connectors in icy winter conditions.

How to install power distribution connectors: Follow these crucial steps

When working on distribution lines during winter months, utilities must account for ice and wind. Here are some installation tips to ensure automatic splices and dead-ends can withstand winter weather conditions:

  • Apply momentary tension at installation
    • NOTE: If the line has 15% or more of the conductor rated breaking strength (RBS), then momentary tension is not needed. If there is less than 15%, apply momentary tension by pulling onto the conductor after installation. Once momentary tension has been applied onto the splice, line tension can drop lower than 15 percent without affecting splice performance. (All automatic splices are rated at a minimum of 95% of RBS, so they will be able to handle added weight created by ice and wind loading.)
  • If the temperature is below -4 degrees Fahrenheit, keep splices inside the truck to prevent inhibitor freezing. This will ease the installation process.
  • Don’t install splices in slack span applications where line tension is less than 5% of RBS.
  • When following installation instructions, pay close attention to steps involving the wire brush conductor.
  • Make sure the conductor is straight, in lay and free from burrs.
  • Don’t use a knife to mark the conductor.
  • Make sure to remove any tape from the conductor after installation.
  • Pull onto the conductor after installation and before releasing the hoist to make sure it is seated and installed correctly.
  • Make sure the conductor information and range are printed on the splice.

This blog post was drafted in partnership with Hubbell Power Systems. Read their original article, “10 tips for installing distribution connectors in icy conditions.”

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