Utility pole aluminum brackets outperform steel in strength, durability

Utility pole aluminum brackets

Utility pole aluminum bracketsThe performance of utility pole aluminum brackets is critical, especially in the event of a major storm or natural disaster when utilities need maximum support for expensive equipment.

There are many reasons why aluminum brackets outperform their steel counterparts when it comes to supporting your equipment. Here are the five top reasons why aluminum is the way to go:

  1. Aluminum material is known for its durability in harsh environments.
  2. These products are fabricated and assembled from engineered cross-sectional aluminum shapes.
  3. The material has a high strength-to-weight ratio that allows it to support heavy equipment.
  4. Aluminum brackets weigh significantly less than steel brackets.
  5. Aluminum products are easier to handle for line crews and warehouse personnel.

Utility pole aluminum brackets are a smart option

Utility pole aluminum bracketsAluminum brackets can support virtually every type of pole-mounted piece of equipment for a utility, including cutouts, arresters, cable terminators, reclosers, single phase switches, transformers, capacitors, primary meters and regulators. They also support conduits in riser applications.

Aluminum brackets have been engineered to satisfy the industry needs for multiple applications. Learn more about the Hubbell Power Systems Banded Transformer Aluminum Bracket.

This article was drafted in partnership with Hubbell Power Systems. Read the original article, “How aluminum brackets outperform steel.”

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