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Border States Electric Exclusive AIRGUARD™ Distributor within our Footprint (VIDEO)

Developed by The Prysmian Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of power and telecommunications cables,  AIRGUARD™ Power Cable has not only proven to be superior to other cables in its ability to endure harsh environmental conditions, but it is also a more cost-effective total solution, safer and quicker to install alternative.

Low Voltage AIRGUARD™ Power Cables are ideal for the extreme environmental conditions associated with heavy industrial and offshore markets.

Border States Electric Exclusive AIRGUARDTM Distributor within our Footprint

As an electrical wholesale distributor, Border States is committed to providing high-quality products from reliable manufacturers. We care about your safety, and we care about your business. The potential for labor savings and safety with Prysmian’s AIRGUARD™ cable made it an easy decision to enter into a partnership with Prysmian and become the exclusive distributor within our geographic footprint for AIRGUARD™ cable.

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Border States offers a suite of services and solutions, including but not limited too: wire and cable cut-to-length and paralleling, specialized wire and cable reels, wire and cable scrap services, wire and cable pulling heads, and cable management programs. Learn more about our custom wire services here.

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