Border States Custom Wire Service: Save Money, Cut Waste

Border States Electric offers customized wire services to help you and your business save time, save money and reduce costly job waste. Our wire services include color feeder wire, wire paralleling and cutting, on-site delivery, compartmentalized reels, installed pulling heads and specialized reels. Let’s take a closer look at each of these specialized wire services.

Color Feeder Wire

Border States branches throughout the U.S. stock a full selection of wire in a wide range of colors, allowing for easy identification and installation. We can customize your order so your wire is ready to go when we deliver it directly to your job site.

Install Pulling Head

Installing a pulling head in the field wastes time and money. Let us install it for you so your wire is ready to pull as soon as it arrives at the job site.

Wire Paralleling

Wire paralleling is known to save labor. Border States can parallel your wire pulls onto one reel so they run smoothly, saving you labor hours.

Compartmentalized Reels

Consolidate your wire on a pre-loaded, compartmentalized reel, which saves you space and reduces inventory and waste.

Specialized Reels

Every job has different needs. That’s why Border States carries specialized reel, so you get the solution you need. From A-frames to barrels, Coil paks to Reel Deal and Reel Payoff, our customized solutions will keep your job on schedule no matter what your needs.

Offering Solutions and Service Excellence

Border States offers a large selection of wire and cable products and services so you get the products you need, customized for your job. Contact your local branch now to learn just how much time and money you could save when you put Border States custom wire services to work for you.

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BSE wire service

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Border States offers a suite of services and solutions, including but not limited too: wire and cable cut-to-length and paralleling, specialized wire and cable reels, wire and cable scrap services, wire and cable pulling heads, and cable management programs. Learn more about our custom wire services here.

Call and let us help meet all of your product and solution needs (866-483-7289). 


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E-commerce offerings: 

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Aluminum Low Voltage
Armored Cable
Building Wire
Bus Conductor
Communications Bulk Cable
Communications Cable
Guy and Shield
Industrial Cord
Instrumentation Cable
Medium Voltage
Overhead Conductor
Portable Cord
Tray Cable


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