Boost manufacturing efficiency | 5 ways to increase productivity, profit

boost manufacturing efficiency

boost manufacturing efficiencyEmployees, equipment and processes are key to increasing productivity and lowering costs on the manufacturing floor. When companies boost manufacturing efficiency, they can increase throughput, profits and competitiveness without sacrificing quality.

Check out these five helpful ways to boost manufacturing efficiency.

5 ways to boost manufacturing efficiency

  • Review existing workflows, processes and technology. Are people with certain skills working in the right places? Are objectives clearly defined, realistic and safe? Have processes been mapped out? Is equipment up to par?
  • Train employees. Investing in continued employee education helps facilities run more smoothly. If everyone has a good grasp of the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, they’ll likely have a better understanding of their roles in that process.
  • Improve organization. Reduce unneeded movement and clutter on the manufacturing floor to save time and create a smoother workflow. Since employees likely have first-hand knowledge in this area, consider hearing their ideas for process improvement.
  • Maintain optimal inventory levels. Having too much inventory can create clutter and logistics headaches. It helps to work with professionals who can help manage inventory for you. Be sure to optimize processes in order to utilize all available material. Additionally, try to assign a dollar value to every aspect of the manufacturing process, including man-hours and equipment wear and tear.
  • Break workflow bottlenecks. These are places in your workflow where production gets backed up because your processes aren’t in sync.

Time is money – and productivity is good for any business. By increasing throughput, manufacturers can meet quotas and satisfy consumer demand.

Use these tips to boost manufacturing efficiency in a way that helps enhance profits and maintain competitiveness. An increase in productivity on the manufacturing floor is possible with efficient employees, equipment and processes.

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