Advantages of digital manufacturing | 5 reasons to transform your facility

advantages of digital manufacturing

advantages of digital manufacturingAs consumers’ habits and expectations evolve, so must the methods of production. Today, digitization continues to drive revolutionary business opportunities, which is why it’s important for industrial professionals to understand the advantages of digital manufacturing.

Building a digital future

Often referred to when discussing the factory of the future, digital manufacturing is an integrated approach to manufacturing that is centered around a computer system. It’s uniquely designed to improve operational efficiencies, supply chain planning, inventory cost control, compliance requirements and operation within the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

Digital manufacturing is an attractive concept because it enhances connectivity, productivity, quality and consistency through automation intelligence and virtual representation – effectively lowering costs and helping companies remain competitive.

Here are five reasons to transform an industrial operation with digital manufacturing:

  • Enhance operational efficiency with improved processes. Departing from traditional paper and manual processes by deploying automated, cloud-based solutions helps streamline process flow, access helpful analytics, improve decision-making capabilities, avoid costly rework and downtime, simplify performance monitoring, deliver to the market faster and provide detailed digital product representations, all while improving quality and reducing waste.
  • Innovate by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. To achieve new capabilities like better employee collaboration, predictive analytics, machine learning, connectivity and 3D modeling, it’s worth it to invest in the right digital infrastructure, especially when it comes to investing in the right software. A digital manufacturing approach helps eliminate silos by intertwining planning and development with new technology.
  • Attract and empower the next generation of workers. Digital manufacturing can help fill job openings in the manufacturing industry. By investing in new digital manufacturing technology, there’s a better chance of attracting and retaining new workers who want to use that technology to increase efficiencies through process improvement.
  • Increase customer satisfaction. Digital manufacturing helps increase brand awareness, in turn helping businesses provide more customer-specific solutions.
  • Reduce costs. Digital manufacturing helps businesses gain better insight into supply chain issues, such as inventory levels, delivery status and demand cycles. This increased visibility helps reduce unnecessary risk and costs related to things like excessive inventory.

Understanding the advantages of digital manufacturing

Remember the five reasons above when considering digital manufacturing. Businesses that invest in it can access countless short-term and long-term benefits.

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