Wellness in architecture | 7 construction trends that foster better health

wellness in architecture

wellness in architectureWhen it comes to building homes, offices, schools, health care centers and other facilities, many people care that their environments foster healthy living, which is why wellness in architecture is a huge trend.

Wellness-focused construction can help people feel better physically and mentally. The key is to incorporate design aspects that promote comfort, happiness and productivity while decreasing stress.

7 helpful ways to promote wellness in architecture

  • Create spaces that encourage movement. Exercise is important. Whether it’s walking, running, stretching or a similar activity, different construction aspects can help people move. Consider placing key access points (restrooms, social areas, etc.) in central locations. Additionally, be aware that aspects like artwork, entertaining messages and nature scenery can incentivize people to use hallways or stairs. Additionally, provide fitness areas when it’s appropriate.
  • Make surroundings appealing. Earthy colors, natural materials and beautiful scenery can help improve mental health. Highlight green space and other natural elements with large windows, outdoor terraces, trickling water fountains, gardens, bench areas or similar aspects. These additions can help promote a calm and relaxing environment. Additionally, try to design spaces in a way that doesn’t make them seem cramped, empty or uninviting.
  • Include places of escape. It sometimes helps to create nooks where people can get away from anxiety and distractions in order to socialize, reflect, concentrate or relax.
  • Install quality lighting. Using the right fixtures and lighting control systems that incorporate natural light can help improve sleep quality, happiness and productivity.
  • Work toward cleaner air. Certain indoor pollutants can pose health risks. Mitigate that by implementing proper air treatment solutions.
  • Reduce noise levels. Pumping white noise throughout a building can be helpful. Strategically placed speakers can also be used to incorporate peaceful sounds within a building. Soft music or soundwaves help promote a calming atmosphere.
  • Provide ample water access. Make sure there are plenty of areas to access purified water throughout a building.

DISCLAIMER: The information presented in this blog post was derived through close industry observation. Topics discussed are merely suggestions on behalf of Border States.

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