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Helpful ways for construction companies to handle mistakes

ways for construction companies to handle mistakes

ways for construction companies to handle mistakesMishaps are a part of life. No one is perfect – including contractors, which is why there are key ways for construction companies to handle mistakes on the job site.

The more complex the job, the more likely mistakes will happen. Time and money are on the line, and by ignoring mistakes, you risk litigation and a ding to your reputation. Even small errors can have a domino effect on other parts of a project, which is why it’s important to stay positive and act right away.

Own up

Upon making a mistake, it is recommended that you call or meet with the client immediately and extend a sincere apology. Accepting blame is a professional way of moving forward, saving you precious time by helping you reach a resolution more quickly.

An important part of the process includes alerting your project team, subcontractors and other stakeholders of the mistake and how it will affect the project as a whole. Communication is key to damage control.

Another recommendation is to focus on the solution rather than dwell on the mistake. Make sure everyone knows how you plan to rectify the situation. Additionally, coordinate a schedule of repair efforts and keep key stakeholders accountable for fixing issues on time.

Keep good records

It’s important to properly document what caused the error. Do your best to detail the who, what, when, why, where and how of the scenario. Make sure your documents are organized and provide as many details as possible that can help you prevent the error from happening again.

Additionally, do your best to document with photos. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and can be helpful in recording details that are difficult to portray in writing.

Know ways for construction companies to handle mistakes

Project mistakes are costly, but by addressing them in a professional manner, you can move forward on the job site and deliver quality results to the client.

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