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Switchgear upgrade and modernization solutions extend service life

switchgear upgrade and modernization

switchgear upgrade and modernizationSince aging electrical switchgear infrastructure is a threat to the reliability of power distribution networks, it’s important for organizations to partner with the right distributor when considering switchgear upgrade and modernization solutions.

Border States’ partnership with Schneider Electric, for example, is a great first step for organizations who want to define and implement the best solutions, increasing switchgear performance and flexibility while controlling associated costs with aging infrastructure.

Understanding switchgear upgrade and modernization solutions

If organizations are questioning the need to invest in maintenance and services for their electrical equipment and systems, they need to understand that regularly scheduled maintenance has been proven to extend the life of installed switchgear.

Assess your switchgear now before an unexpected event harms it. Switchgear modernization solutions are a viable option for aging switchgear, so it’s important to consider these factors during an assessment:

  • Age of switchgear: If your switchgear was recently purchased and remains in great working condition, it will be highly beneficial to invest in necessary service and maintenance to provide longer life, better performance, and save money. On the other hand, if the switchgear is old and not performing well, it’s likely worth investing in newer technology.
  • Type of switchgear: The maintenance and service of different types of switchgear differs in procedures as well as economics.
  • Application: The type of application for which the switchgear is used determines the frequency of maintenance required. For example, switchgear installed in a mining operation will have to be serviced more frequently as compared to the one installed in a commercial complex.
  • Environment: Environmental factors like temperature, humidity, pollution and dust have a significant impact on switchgear, as well as the type of services that need to be considered. Altitude and seismic tolerance are also major factors.
  • Electrical conditions: Finally, account for the voltage level and power quality in operations. It’s important to factor in the duration of operation for switchgear, peak load and off-peak load conditions, fluctuations and their frequency.

Ultimately, these factors help determine the necessary service and maintenance actions for switchgear. Contact an account manager to learn more about switchgear upgrade and modernization solutions.

This blog post was drafted in partnership with Schneider Electric. Check out Schneider’s original article, “Aging switchgear? Consider 5 factors.”

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