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Utility Products for Storm Recovery When You Need Them


6 Tips For a Proactive Storm Response

Having a solid storm response plan is crucial for any sized utility. It’s imperative to be prepared to address your company’s  disaster concerns and those of the community. Businesses and families alike depend on electricity, and utilities unprepared for storms could leave their customers without power. read more…

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Products Stocked and Ready to Ship


An anchor, rod
and eye that uses
the power of existing
digging equipment.


Provide over-current
protection of
electrical circuits.

Full Tension

Connect or repair copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy
and ACSR conductors.


Protect yourself from falls with safety harnesses designed
to eliminate
potential injuries.


Products for the
safety, health and
welfare of people.

Wire Ties

Secure conductors
in the groove of interchangeable
head-style insulators.