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Network security services increase industrial uptime, efficiency

network security services

network security servicesWhen facility operations managers experience network issues, it’s imperative they partner with a distributor who provides cost-effective and customizable network security services.

The right distributor partner will monitor networks, assess complications, design solutions, and implement integrated networks – letting the customer do what they do best.

Network security services explained

A production environment’s IT infrastructure is the key to continuing down a road of efficiency and profitability. When evaluating an existing network, it’s imperative to access network security services to maintain peak performance, while also keeping data and proprietary processes protected.

Common questions from industrial customers:

  • Why is my network not operating according to operational baselines?
  • Is my network architecture robust enough to protect my intellectual property and assets?
  • How do I know if issues I have on my network are security related, and how do I fix them?

When a customer experiences network trouble, it’s important to have access to trained professionals who can analyze, fix, maintain and manage a network, while also providing data back-up, workforce support and training.

By accessing quality network security services through an experienced distributor like Border States, for example, customers have access to their own Rockwell Automation specialist who guides them along the path to an integrated network, increasing uptime and efficiency, while maximizing productivity and minimizing operational risk.

A solution specifically designed for each customer

No matter the budget requirements, the right distributor partner will offer assessment solutions that fit the customer’s specific needs, freeing staff of unnecessary tasks and downtime.

When choosing a distributor partner, it’s important to make sure that partner has access to a security services team of multi-discipline professionals with extensive industrial expertise in:

  • Process control and manufacturing applications
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of security threats
  • Diagnosis and remediation of legacy network equipment
  • Development of global standards
  • Collaborative authorship of converged plantwide ethernet (CPwE) design and implementation

Border States and Rockwell Automation offer standard (more economical) and comprehensive (more customizable) network assessments.

network security servicesStandard assessment

With standard assessments available through Rockwell Automation, a network security services professional interacts with engineers and staff, observing infrastructure and documenting results. This assessment features:

  • A flat-fee service that includes travel and on-site labor, as well as on-site report preparation and delivery.
  • Quantitative algorithms that determine tolerance thresholds, risk indications and prioritized mitigation plans.

Comprehensive assessment

Rockwell Automation’s comprehensive assessments are customized based on a customer’s unique challenges and production requirements. Typically, if there’s a need to improve or expand network infrastructure by completing a qualitative and quantitative evaluation, a comprehensive assessment is the best option. It features:

  • A flat-fee service that includes travel, on-site labor, as well as on- and off-site report preparation.
  • Ethernet packet inspection, network topologies, infrastructure inventory, switch configuration analysis, automation configurations, network performance evaluation and risk management.

Learn more about network security services by contacting an account manager.

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