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How to recycle light bulbs: Environmental compliance made convenient

how to recycle light bulbs

how to recycle light bulbsIf you’re wondering how to recycle light bulbs, it’s actually a very simple process. This blog post walks through the steps and benefits of a prepaid recycling program for fluorescent lamps.

By partnering with Border States through Veolia’s RecyclePak program, for example, one price includes everything you need, including a container, shipping and recycling.

Lamp recycling is easy

Educational institutions, healthcare organizations, government agencies, retail businesses, utilities and contractors are just some of the groups that take advantage of compliant and convenient recycling offered through recycling programs like that of Border States.

One of the nice things about prepaid recycling programs is they involve easy-to-use containers that are UN-approved for the transport of hazardous waste. All containers come with a liner, as well as a secure seal to ensure the proper storage and containment of waste. When the prepaid recycling container arrives at your facility, it can be unpacked and set up in a matter of minutes.

How to recycle light bulbs: A step-by-step process

  • Labeling and handling: Each container comes complete with proper labeling and easy-to-follow illustrated instructions that guide you through each step of the process. Containers can be filled and returned immediately, or the waste can be collected in the container and accumulated on site for up to one year (under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Universal Waste rule).
  • Shipping: Once the container is filled, it’s sealed for return shipment. Ensure box edges are taped and pale lids are locked. Now, the container is ready for pick up.
  • Recycling centers: The container is then delivered to the nearest recycling center within three to five business days. There, it’s processed using state-of-the-art equipment to safely recover valuable resources. (Lamps are recycled into core components of glass, aluminum, mercury-bearing phosphor powder and rare earth elements.)

Staying environmentally compliant

Recycling facilities like the ones Border States utilizes are fully permitted by state and federal agencies. In addition to providing cost-effective solutions and excellent customer service, on-site professionals are trained to process materials in a way that protects people and the environment.

NOTE: Border States and Veolia offer a strong indemnification provision with written service agreements that help protect you from financial costs resulting from any mismanagement of your waste, giving you peace of mind.

Prepaid lamp recycling an effective, efficient option

Finding the right prepaid recycling program ensures complete compliance, while reducing the risk of contamination by storing hazardous materials at your facility. One price includes everything you need to begin recycling – from packaging, prepaid shipping from your facility, processing and certificates of recycling. Simply order, fill, seal and ship.

For more information, contact a Border States Account Manager near you.

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