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Fog-resistant safety glasses ideal eyewear technology for any job site

Fog-resistant safety glasses

Fog-resistant safety glassesFog-resistant safety glasses are the perfect solution for workers required to wear protective eyewear on the job.

Workers often refuse to wear their required safety eyewear because of fogging, according to a 2009 study in Accident Analysis and Prevention Magazine. This fogging often occurs due to changing temperatures, humidity and lack of air flow caused by tight-fitting eyewear.

Even in cold weather, the temperature difference between a worker’s sweating body and the frigid outdoor air can produce the condensation that causes fogging.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNn9ifnhe5M?start=8&w=400&h=225]

Choosing the best fog-resistant safety glasses for safety and compliance

Wearing anti-fog eyewear where these conditions are common can help improve worker safety and workplace compliance. It’s an effective way to reduce fog, promote good vision, and reduce eye injuries.

When selecting high-performance anti-fog eyewear that won’t wear off, look for technologies that are permanently bonded to the lens.

Anti-fog technologies differ

Not all anti-fog technologies are created equal. Many safety glasses feature anti-fog coatings that are a topical treatment to the lens’ surface. Such coatings can have a limited life span, with the potential to wash off quickly.

Ergodyne’s Skullerz® Fog-Off™ Anti-Fog Technology, for example, will not wear off after long-term use, even in extreme temperatures. Understanding how the anti-fog technology is applied is critical to properly evaluating and making purchasing decisions on anti-fog eyewear.

Fog-resistant safety glassesWant to take the next step in choosing high-performance anti-fog safety glasses? Check out these options:

Ergodyne Skullerz® Odin Safety Glasses (Option 1)

Ergodyne Skullerz® Odin Safety Glasses (Option 2)

Ergodyne Skullerz® Odin Safety Glasses (Option 3)

This blog post was drafted in partnership with Ergodyne. Read Ergodyne’s original article, “Hazed and confused: The value of anti-fog technology on safety glasses.”

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