Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor LED Lighting

LED lighting is growing in popularity and cities, utilities, private businesses and homeowners alike are all interested in moving this new technology from the inside of offices and homes to outside areas. As LED technology consistently improves, more outdoor-specific options with considerable benefits are becoming readily available. Homeowners may focus on small, atmospheric lighting for their patios, while businesses and entire municipalities invest in LED street lamps and security lighting.

LEDs’ Popularity is Spreading Across the US

A major factor in outdoor LED lighting systems is the energy and therefore cost savings. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2014 Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium, 62 percent of participating utilities and governments used LED lamps in their public areas. Eight percent of these participants cited LED technology as prominent within their systems, while 30 percent stated it was the second-most-prominent technology.

Additionally, the popularity of LED lights with consumers influences utilities and municipalities to invest in this technology. People are not only more environmentally aware than in previous years and interested in energy-efficient solutions, but also they want their taxes put to the best use possible, which isn’t outdated, costly street lighting.

Choosing the Right LED Lamps & Fixtures

Outdoor lighting design requires careful consideration no matter the lighting system and lamps used. With LEDs specifically, the output, distribution angle, color, related sensors, element resistance and expected life all must be taken into consideration. Currently, metal halide and high-pressure sodium sources are common for outdoor lamps, but more recent LED products offer advantages these other lamps don’t.

The U.S. Department of Energy released a report regarding the design elements and specifications necessary for outdoor LED lighting as part of its LED Application Series. Those interested in installing LED lights in outdoor spaces can learn the considerations needed to choose the specific lamps or fixtures and related products for their projects.