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Consult electrical engineering services pros for optimized power system design

electrical engineering services

electrical engineering servicesBy working with experienced electrical engineering services professionals, a business that relies on high-performing electrical power systems can access a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions tailored to every stage of its system’s life cycle.

Whether you’re a utility, industrial manufacturer, data center, hospital, government complex or in another market, working with the right professionals will help you integrate and optimize the elements of your operation to make sure it’s aligned with business goals, all while keeping your power system safe, cyber secure, efficient, reliable and up-to-date.

From reduced costs, to a more effective use of capital, you’ll witness a range of business benefits that yield a competitive advantage. From safety studies and energy management, to power quality and reliability audits, the right electrical engineering services team will provide comprehensive design, build and support solutions – customized for your operation.


Every power system starts with a safe, proper and efficient design. The right professionals will suggest the monitoring and/or control system to meet your specific requirements, leading to improved reliability and uptime.

Here are some traditional engineering and advanced analysis offerings:

  • Short-circuit analysis
  • Arc flash analysis
  • Protective device coordination
  • Load flow analysis/power factor correction study
  • Motor starting study
  • Harmonic analysis study
  • Power quality site surveys and disturbance monitoring
  • Substation and ground grid design
  • Field harmonic measurements
  • Transient stability study
  • Protection and control design
  • Advanced design and analysis
  • Distribution system design
  • Switching transient analysis
  • Distribution systems reliability analysis
  • Dynamic simulation
  • Specialized applications
  • Training

Engineering and consulting services delivered in the design process bring about a better understanding of your business needs.


Work with professionals who can seamlessly walk you through the build process. The team you choose should be a one-stop shop that can manage your project from start to finish, on time and within budget, helping you meet your energy and sustainability objectives.

Additionally, it helps to have a single point of contact throughout your electrical engineering services project. Through this point of contact, modernization and turnkey power system services can be easily deployed.


With regular maintenance and support, you maximize uptime, reliability and safety. You also extend the life of aging systems.

Work with professionals who offer a complete suite of medium-voltage replacement circuit breakers. These individuals should also be able to provide power breaker reconditioning to improve system reliability and increase the life of low- and medium-voltage breakers.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to have access to remote monitoring of electrical distribution equipment 24/7. In the wake of a disaster, your electrical engineering professionals can deploy a team of engineers and technicians within hours to return your operation to production quickly and safely.

Electrical engineering services maximize uptime, reliability and safety

The right professionals will deliver solutions to enhance your electrical distribution system’s power performance, maximizing uptime, reliability and safety. These individuals will help you integrate and optimize all elements of a power system to ensure that it’s aligned with your business goals.

For more information on electrical engineering services, contact Corey Feil, Border States North Central Regional Sales Manager – Utility, at CFeil@borderstates.com or (402) 727-1700.

This blog post was drafted in partnership with Eaton. Learn more about Eaton’s electrical engineering services and systems.

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