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Risk reduction logoDid you know you can buy less and increase employee safety?

Your business requires specialty chemicals, and the volume can get out of control quickly. If you’re not watching closely, you could end up with several products that have essentially the same function, taking up space, increasing your costs, and making regulatory compliance challenging. When it comes to chemical management, Border States is committed to providing you with solutions and savings.

That’s why we’ve partnered with CRC to offer the Risk Reduction Partnership Plan™, which helps resolve duplication and identify inefficient products, ultimately minimizing chemical ownership costs.

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Added value through the Risk Reduction Partnership Plan™

Plan detailsThe five-step plan is designed to reduce costs and minimize risks associated with the acquisition, use and disposal of maintenance chemicals. Using this plan, Border States and CRC achieve maximum regulatory compliance.

For MRO chemicals, there are four main cost drivers:

  • Regulatory (permits, reporting and disposal)
  • Safety (flammability and GHS compliance)
  • Transactional (single source through distribution)
  • Manufacturing efficiency (maximize productivity and on-time delivery)

How we help you through the plan

  • Determine your department goals and target improvement areas.
  • Conduct an in-depth survey to analyze product use and applications.
  • Identify product duplication and risks, as well as maximize compliance and improve productivity.
  • An experienced sales team provides on-site support and training.
  • Evaluate total ownership costs, while quantifying and documenting savings.

Questions on the Risk Reduction Partnership Plan? Contact a Border States account manager today.

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