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Beat the Heat and Stay Safe

With great heat comes great responsibility. As summer progresses and temperatures rise, it is incredibly important for everyone to keep heat-related health and safety procedures at the forefront.

Border States knows the importance of being safe while working outside. With record-breaking temperatures across multiple states in the Southwest, reaching well past 100 degrees, staying hydrated, keeping the body cool and taking frequent breaks while in extreme temperatures is vital to staying healthy on the job.


According to OSHA, when in a hot environment, the body must get rid of excess heat to maintain a stable internal temperature. The body’s heat relief process is primarily accomplished by circulating blood to the skin and via sweating. If the body can’t get rid of the excess heat, it will be stored. When this happens, the body’s core temperature rises and the heart rate increases. Symptoms of heat-related illnesses include:

  • Loss of concentration and difficulty focusing on a task
  • Irritable and sick, loses desire to drink
  • Fainting
  • Death

Anyone exposed to extreme temperatures should have established protocols in place to avoid heat-related illnesses. OSHA provides guidance on measures to help prevent heat-related illnesses:

  • Take breaks in air conditioning
  • Ensure proper ventilation
  • Maintain work/rest cycles
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Provide workers with a means of building up a tolerance to working in heat

OSHA also offers a heat index, which uses both temperature and humidity and is a useful tool for outdoor workers and employers.


Border States offers convenient heat-stress prevention products for job sites and elsewhere. From cases of bottled water to cooling clothing and a heavy-duty, pop-up tent for shade, we have the items you need to help you beat the heat during these hot summer months.


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E-commerce offerings:

Heavy-duty commercial tent
Purified drinking water
Sqwincher – Flavor your water with this hydration solution
Cooling bandanas
Water bottles
Absorptive and evaporative clothing
Cooling items, from coolers to fans, jugs and more
Beat The Heat



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