Zero punch list goals | 4 ways construction crews can achieve them faster

zero punch list

zero punch listThere are multiple ways for construction crews to streamline their project check-off process to achieve “zero punch list” goals faster.

The goal of any punch list is to ultimately get to zero, which means receiving final confirmation that all project specifications have been met according to the contractual agreement. As Border States wrote about recently in “Construction punch list process | An easy guide for project completion,” a punch list has typically been created during the substantial completion stage of a construction project (when the job is nearly finished).

Keep reading to learn how construction crews can refine the punch list process to streamline project closeout.

4 tips to achieve zero punch list goals faster

  • Formalize your punch list process. A construction crew that follows a formal checklist process takes detailed notes and captures photos that clearly display issues at hand. A formalized punch list that addresses any mistake-prone project areas ahead of time helps avoid expensive delays and rework.
  • Make sure the project vision is clear up front. A project closeout process and end-goal should be envisioned before physical work begins. With that in mind, these days it’s better for a punch list to be started earlier rather than later, subsequently setting up quality control checks at key milestones. It’s especially important to focus on quality in areas like material, personnel, communication and technology.
  • Embrace technology for greater efficiency. By considering digital tools – like mobile apps that operate via the cloud – construction crews can remove roadblocks, reduce errors and speed up approvals. That means abandoning traditional paper punch lists that have often caused errors and inefficiencies. Digital solutions can help keep entire teams on track, enabling them to easily check off and track issues in real time, from mobile devices in the field.
  • Be clear with punch list communication. It’s worth noting that punch lists won’t improve if no one knows what they’re responsible for. Client specifications should be made available to everyone and accountability must be at the core of the punch list management process. Additionally, an experienced team member who fully understands the scope and magnitude of the work at hand should be the one to manage administration of the punch list.

Streamline the punch list process

The construction industry is evolving, and so should construction punch list strategies. By following the tips mentioned above, crews can better ensure that projects run smoothly, helping them accomplish a zero punch list faster.

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