How To Be Successful in the Construction Business: 10 Keys for Growth

keys to success in a construction company

keys to success in a construction company

As a contractor, you care about staying up to date on best industry practices so you can grow your business. Check out these 10 keys to success in a construction business.

Understand people and master communication

When it comes to succeeding in your construction market, it’s important to understand the people behind it – including clients, bankers, senior staff and crew members, just to name some.

It’s important for you to understand people come from various walks of life and play multiple roles throughout a project, so always strive to understand their perspectives.

Developing relationships with all these key partners starts with clear communication on the job site. Communication comes in many forms, including email, text, phone calls, instant messaging, radios, intercoms, in-person meetings, signs and hand signals. If your communication flows smoothly, so will your project.

Deliver excellent customer service

Everyone appreciates quality customer service. Your clients are no different, so do everything you can to provide them with a seamless experience that will potentially lead to repeat business or a positive recommendation.

Similar to what was mentioned earlier, maintain strong communication with clients and make yourself available to answer their questions.

Build your brand

Speaking of maintaining a positive reputation, you should always be building your brand.

Fostering a strong brand for your construction business is important because it reflects the quality of your company and shapes public perception. By implementing the right construction marketing ideas, you’ll continually grow your brand awareness based on the specific needs of your target market.

Here are some important branding tips to consider:

  • Set a budget for your construction marketing ideas.
  • Design a niche-appropriate logo that’s easy to spot.
  • Embrace a mobile-friendly online presence.
  • Tell your story with engaging digital content.
  • Continue to engage with existing customers.

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Networking is a very beneficial part of growing your construction company. Access great networking opportunities by seeking out trade organizations, such as Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), that will provide you with opportunities to become certified, speak about your services, meet new client prospects and learn about the latest industry trends.

Generate new leads

As we all know, construction job opportunities don’t just appear out of nowhere. In addition to pursuing great networking opportunities, contractors should be constantly seeking out additional ways to generate leads.

One basic way involves building a website that makes it easy for clients to contact you and request services. Try to include positive testimonials from existing clients and make your social media icons visible to help spread the word about your unique services.

In addition to traditional ways such as listing your business in local directories, billboards, and TV and radio ads, you might also want to check out online services and directories.

Click here and scroll down to learn more about the practice of blogging and search engine optimization (SEO) to attract new customers.

Get positive reviews

These days, many clients turn to online reviews before choosing a construction contractor to work with. Encourage your customers to go out and review you on Google and social media – basically anywhere you have a business presence.

It’s beneficial to ask for a review immediately after helping a client resolve an issue. In the event someone leaves a negative review, it’s crucial you respond. It may not change the reviewer’s mind, but your action shows the current reviewer and potential future clients that you care.

Foster a positive work culture

Developing and retaining good employees is huge – and it all starts with a positive work culture.

  • Safety: Show your crew members that you care about their safety by encouraging them to not cut corners.
  • Leadership: Your employees want to be led, not managed to the extreme. Show confidence in their ability to make good decisions and focus on being a leader your workers want to follow.
  • Teamwork: Without your people, jobs wouldn’t get completed. Express the value of working together and appreciating one another’s strengths.
  • Training: Mentorship and training lead to increased productivity on the job site. They also show that you’re invested in your employees.

Successful contractors promote a work culture that focuses on these areas.

Embrace technology

Construction technology is changing all the time. Prefabrication, smart home automation and the introduction of mobile applications on the job site are great examples of this. Smartphones and tablets alone put limitless information and resources at our fingertips, which is why job site professionals are becoming more efficient than ever before.

While you might be tempted to do things the way they’ve always been done, it’s important to accept change in order to grow and be successful.

Keep good records

It’s important to implement proper filing systems and organization for your construction business. Keeping solid records is a must.

Invoice your work, document inventory, keep track of employee hours, follow up on late payments and keep records of meetings as necessary.

Partner with material management professionals

In today’s business environment, successful contractors know that maximizing productivity and efficiency – all within tight deadlines – is key to a profitable job site. That’s why having access to quality material management professionals is important.

According to the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), up to 40 percent of a project’s labor cost can be consumed by material handling – and that’s just labor costs.

Takeaways: Keys to success in a construction company

  • Communicate
  • Provide customer service
  • Market your brand
  • Network
  • Generate leads
  • Get good reviews
  • Foster a positive work culture
  • Embrace technology
  • Keep good records
  • Partner with material management professionals

Follow these best industry practices to grow your business.

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