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Lighting Products Get Smarter With Apps and Remote Connectivity

LED lamps and lighting systems are moving into the future, and manufacturers are focused on linking residential and commercial lighting to accessible and easy-to-use technology.

LED Lighting Technology Meets… Well, More Technology

Lamps and their applications are becoming more customizable, and now manufacturers are creating ways to control them through your smartphone or remote.

Philips Hue

The Philips Hue is a personal wireless lighting system that gives homeowners control of their LED lamps through an app on their smart device. Philips has multiple lamps that can be tailored to the users’ needs or desires.

The lamps change color, dim, flash and more. Owners simply screw the lamps into their existing sockets, connect the bridge to their Internet and download the app to control their lights from anywhere.

The Hue app even lets owners create and save light recipes and set alarms and timers.

Osram SYLVANIA Lightify

Osram Lightify is a lighting system that homeowners or businesses connect to their wireless network to control their LED lamps through a smart device.

The system hasn’t been officially released yet, but there will be residential and professional versions. Both will allow owners to create custom light atmospheres indoors or outdoors.

Similar to Philips Hue, the system will be sold in packages that include a lamp, a wireless gateway and the app can be downloaded for free.

There Is an Evolution in Lighting

Smart lighting—whether it’s installed in a home, small office or a large space—provides users with the ability to create countless lighting environments and reduce their energy consumption.

Those who invest in smart lighting systems can also see a dramatic improvement in their energy savings because the LED lamps use less power and can be customized, dimmed or automatically shut off when they aren’t needed.

This is definitely a market which installers will want to tap into.  As end-users experience what this technology has to offer, they’ll look for it in all types of applications.  The potential opportunities are exciting and unlimited.