The Category Rating System was developed by TIA as a response to the
industry’s request for higher data rate specifications on applications over
unshielded (UTP) and shielded (STP) twisted pair.

This rating systems has been integrated into the body of the EIA/TIA-568A
standard document. The category rating system only applies to 100 ohm UTP
and STP wiring systems. EIA/TIA-568A also allows 150 ohm STP (also called
type I) and 62.5/125 um multi-mode optical fiber.

Category 3 Cable

Category 3 is characterized to 16 MHz and supports applications up to 10
Mbps. Applications may range from voice to 10BaseT.

Category 5 Cable

Category 5 is characterized to 100 Mhz and supports applications up to 100
Mbps. Applications may range from voice to TP-PMD.

Enhanced Category 5

Enhanced Category 5 is still characterized to 100 Mhz and supports
applications up to 100 Mbps. However, Enhanced Category 5 provides
additional NEXT margin (sometimes referred to as headroom) over the
specified frequency band from 1 MHz to 100 MHz. The total noise power with
all pairs energized (usually specified as Power Sum NEXT) meets or exceeds
the Category 5 specification for worst pair-to-pair NEXT. It also provides
improved ELFEXT (Equal Level Far-End Crosstalk) and Return Loss

Category Safety Requirements

These Safety Requirements are valid for both Category 3 and 5 applications:

Safety Requirements:
  1. UL 1459 (Telephone)
  2. UL 1863 (Wire and Jacks)
  3. NEC 1996, Article 800-4

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