FastapFASTAP™, available at Border States, provides a novel solution to an age-old problem for utilities – how to mechanically tap overhead distribution lines in a quick, safe and reliable manner.

FASTAP™ eliminates challenges that exist with the traditional parallel groove clamp

One of the most common mechanical tap connectors, the parallel groove clamp, has been widely used by utilities for decades. It has a proven track record, but it’s not without its issues.

While wearing bulky dielectric gloves, how does one hold a parallel groove clamp and still install conductors? FASTAP™ provides the solution with a special handle – the duck bill. By holding the duck bill, line workers now have a place to hold the connector that is out of the way of the next step in installation, which is tap conductor entry.


An easy-to-use guiding system worth having

With a standard parallel groove clamp, an operator unscrews the nut to open the connector, then slides the conductor in from the end. By squeezing the duck bill, FASTAP™ simplifies this process by allowing the operator to easily install the tap conductor from the side, without ever having to remove his or her hand from the handle.

Just-FastapOnce the conductor is in the cable groove, the operator can close the connector, and the lineman assist feature holds the connector in place. It’s important to notice that the oxide inhibitor stays in the connector. With a standard parallel groove clamp, there is nothing to hold the conductor in place, and sometimes the conductor falls out.

Installing a standard connector on the main line becomes even trickier. With FASTAP™, the duck bill acts as a guide to easily snap the connector onto the main line, where the lineman assist holds on to the tap conductor. Once on, the lineman assist feature now holds both conductors, making it easy to tighten the nut.

Different sizes available

GlovesThe FASTAP™ connectors come in two basic sizes, the UCT26RS and UCT32RS, and can accommodate wire ranges from #8 solid copper wire to 336.4 ACSR, or level 400 copper for aluminum conductors. The connectors come standard with all oxides removed at the factory and coated. They also come pre-filled with PENETROX™, Burndy’s proprietary oxide inhibitor.

Extra options offer added protection, reliability

CoverNeed a cover? The FASTAP™ cover snaps on easily over the connector, and can be installed on all Burndy single-bolt parallel groove clamps. The cover was designed with line workers in mind. Large, flat surfaces make the cover easy to handle while wearing dielectric gloves, even in cold weather.

Other options, such as stainless steel hardware and shear nuts, are also available. FASTAP™, available at Border States, makes the tapping of overhead distribution line safe, reliable and fast.

For more information on FASTAP™, contact a trusted Border States account manager today.

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