vehicle Wi-Fi router

vehicle Wi-Fi routerImagine a vehicle Wi-Fi router capable of uniting an entire fleet with its host enterprise network, enabling multiple field applications to work simultaneously – further and faster than ever before.

This is made possible with the Sierra Wireless AirLink® MP70 Vehicle Router, a high-performance, LTE-advanced device developed specifically for mission-critical applications in public safety, transit and field services.

Learn more about how today’s mobile workforce needs to connect more technology in and around their vehicles to enhance safety and responsiveness.

vehicle Wi-Fi routerMP70: High-performance vehicle Wi-Fi router is secure, intelligent tech

The MP70 offers high-power, long-range communications, and downlink speeds of up to 300 Mbps, providing uninterrupted operation in harsh mobile environments.

With dual-band gigabit Wi-Fi and Ethernet, the AirLink MP70 is especially beneficial for first responders and field personnel, capable of hosting up to 128 simultaneous Wi-Fi clients. It concurrently connects applications in and around a vehicle, including laptops, DVRs and tablets. It also provides live video streaming, as well as fast and secure access to remote databases.

Other benefits

  • Advanced remote visibility
  • Real-time access to connected vehicle parameters
  • Custom alerts, event triggers and reports
  • Fast, reliable and precise vehicle location
  • Navigation system that can track without satellites through specific reckoning algorithms (This enables tracking through urban canyons, tunnels and underground parking.)
  • Capable of surviving extreme transient surges
  • Maintains continuous power during 5V brownouts and various power spikes
  • Developed with industrial grade components (It’s highly resistant to dust and water ingress, and capable of handling shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and humidity.)
  • Features remote authentication management (It’s protected against unwanted malware attacks.)
  • AirLink Management Service (ALMS) (This is a secure and centralized cloud-based service that remotely monitors and manages signal strength, network technology and location.)
  • An industry-leading warranty.

Learn more about the MP70.


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