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3 benefits of utilizing GPS tool tracker technology on job sites

utilizing gps tool tracker

utilizing gps tool trackerOn your job site, you have expensive tools that can be dropped, left behind or stolen. Lost items and the time spent searching for them can hinder your bottom line, which is why you should consider utilizing GPS tool tracker technology.

These miniature, easily attachable devices help you protect your investments by locating them in real time, increasing productivity and ensuring your crew always has access to the right assets.

Here’s a sample tracker solution from Milwaukee:


Notifications go straight to your mobile device

These GPS devices typically operate within a simple Bluetooth-based tracking system, saving real-time updates on your mobile device when any crew member comes within a tool’s radius, which is usually 100 feet. You essentially gain visibility into an item’s movements and timeline.

Some trackers even send you notifications when a tool moves beyond its designated area. It’s all about accessing real-time notifications that help you quickly recover assets.

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Trackers are durable and easy to install

Your tools go through considerable wear and tear, so naturally GPS tool trackers are designed to withstand the specific elements of your job site. (NOTE: When purchasing these devices, make sure to read the description to see if they can withstand drops, water and dust, as well as heavy movement and vibration.)

GPS tool trackers usually feature an inconspicuous design that allows for multiple installation options, such as glue, screws, rivets or straps. Additionally, they’re usually powered by a battery that provides more than a year of runtime. (You’ll receive mobile alerts when a battery needs to be replaced.)

Locate more than just tools

These trackers aren’t merely reserved for tools and similar assets. They can also be attached to phones, tablets, computers, radios and keys to job site equipment – anything you’d like to monitor at all times.

Save time and money by utilizing GPS tool tracker technology

By investing in GPS tool tracking technology, you save time and money by always knowing where your assets are located. This leads to increased efficiency on the job site.

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