In the world of lighting, there are many variations of bulbs. The distinctions are in part meant to help consumers and industrial companies find the exact type of lighting that is needed in a given situation. LEDs are making their way into the market but many still put traditional lighting to use in their facilities.

Fluorescent lighting is popular among construction and industrial sectors because of the many advantages offered.

Among fluorescent lighting is a T5 lamp, which helps provide efficient lighting measures in any industrial environment.

Why Fluorescent?

Fluorescent lighting represents another alternative to incandescent, which is quickly being phased out in industrial settings. Many users are making the switch to lighting that is more efficient and friendly to the environment.

Starting first with its design, fluorescent lighting is typically linear or spiral in shape. Like LEDs, these bulbs are also energy efficient. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, fluorescent bulbs consume anywhere from 25 to 35 percent less energy than their incandescent counterparts.


In terms of the life span of a bulb, fluorescent lighting is said to last approximately 10 times as long as incandescent. It’s not unheard of for a fluorescent bulb to last 7,000 or even 24,000 hours. If a bulb does indeed last 24,000 hours, it would not have to be replaced for 2.7 years. This ultimately helps consumers and businesses save money.

Within this type of lighting are two types of lamps known as compact fluorescent lamps and tube and circline lamps. CFLs are common in households and similar settings.

Tube and circline lamps, however, are typically used to light garages and large commercial buildings. There is even further distinction in these types of lamps.

The T5 Lamp

Within fluorescent technology are what is known as T5 and T8 lamps. According to Hovey Lighting, the T is simply used to refer to the bulb’s size. Likewise, the T represents the shape of the lamp-tubular while the numeral highlights the bulb’s diameter.

Organizations looking for the most efficient fluorescent bulb will therefore want to utilize a T5 bulb. The Lighting Research Center stated output from a T5 results in a greater luminous flux per unit length when compared to a T8.

However, it must be noted that with regards to cost and maintenance, T5 bulbs are more expensive. A 4-foot T5 lamp will cost between $4 to $12 while a T8 lamp is much cheaper, ranging from $3 to $5.

Most organizations will not benefit from switching to the more expensive T5 technology unless they take ambient operating temperature into account.

T5 Lamps and Temperature

Ambient temperature plays a role in determining the effectiveness of T5 lamps. This term is another way to describe the temperature settings in a room or similarly closed environment. T5 lighting will perform at its best in temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Organizations using T5 lamps will want to check with the manufacturer to determine a bulb’s light output at different temperatures.

Even so, the Lighting Research Center compiled data regarding lamp efficiency for a T5 depending on the temperature. A T5 working in a temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit produces an initial light output of 2,610. At 95 F, that output increases to 2,900.

The organization also stated ballast losses as another area that is important to keep in mind. At the temperatures previously listed, T5 lamps had a ballast factor of 0.90.

More organizations are looking for lighting that lasts longer and is more environmentally friendly, and fluorescent lighting—and more specifically, T5 lamps—may be the right solution.


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