Problem: Updating an existing version of PlnatPAx was sometimes time consuming

Solution: PlantPAx Library of Process Objects – Migration Tool v1.2

A new PlantPAx Process Library Migration Tool has been developed. This tool was designed to help users update their FactoryTalk View SE/ME graphics and Logix ACD files with the latest version of the Process Library AOIs and HMI global objects. It can reduce engineering time and migration error and help users keep up to date with the latest Rockwell Automation software features and increase the life cycle of a PlantPAx DCS.

The PlantPAx Process Library Migration Tool contains the following two functions:

1. Update Logix ACD files containing one version of Process Library AOI definitions to a different version. For example, this tool can be used for updating AOIs from Version 2.0 to 3.5, or Version 3.5-01 to 3.5-02, etc.
2. Update FactoryTalk View SE/ME process graphic XML files containing items linked to Process Library HMI global objects. This tool upgrades global objects from Process Library versions 1.1, 1.5, or 2.5 to Version 3.5.
Updates the global object parameter values to the correct Version 3.5 format and values.

It will also update the corresponding ACD files with any necessary alias tags

How do I get the Library and Tools?

Go to:
Search “Process Solutions” for V3.50.02. The new tool is included.


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