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Rockwell Automation OptiSIS Packaged Solution

Customer Problem:

Specifying, purchasing and installing an easily configurable Process Safety Instrumented System(SIS) to protect personnel, equipment and the environment from potential damage.


Rockwell Automation OptiSISTM  Packaged Solution


The OptiSIS packaged solution helps reduce lead times associated with customized safety solutions. The focus is on configuring safety functions, rather than engineering and safety manual compliance tasks.

  • Rapid deployment to the field
  • Quick installation, easy upgrades
  • No programming
  • Reduced risk at installation
  • Rapid verification
  • Connectivity to smart field devices and asset management systems
  • Meets SIL 3 requirements
  • Quick Installation with Reduced Risk

Flexible inputs and outputs mean you don’t need to determine the type of I/O before the OptiSIS packaged solution arrives to your site. Additionally, future upgrades to analog process transmitters can be completed in the field with a simple configuration change. You won’t need new hardware or a new program to write and validate. This solution features pre-built hardware and preprogrammed safety logic, configured using a Cause and Effect graphical interface.

No programming required

Configurable using Cause & Effect (C&E) charts, the OptiSIS Solution removes the need for different programming languages and allows the user to implement the packaged solution (SIFs) – saving time and money – while keeping the focus on safety.

Rapid verification

Once the C&E diagrams have been configured and tested, a download routine is available to allow the configuration to be stored safely and verified against the original safety function requirements. This configuration “master” can be used to restore the system to a known state and as verification evidence during an audit.

To learn more about Rockwell Automation OptiSIS  Packaged Solution, Contact James Mahurin 

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