Well summer is definitely here for all of us in the southwest. We have had unusual swings in temperature that have reaped havoc on equipment. We at Border States are available to help with any of your needs. If you are looking for some ways to improve your process and get out of the heat, then sign up for some of our Rockwell training classes or seminars. We will be having several over the next few months. Please check with your account manager for upcoming seminars and classes.

There are many activities that BSE can help you with as well. We have teams that can help you understand your process better; teams that can help you understand your safety concerns and help you plan a way to make your process safer and more productive. Contact one of our many specialists to help you through your planning before items become a major issue.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who joined us at Rockwell TechED in Orlando! There were so many fantastic classes as well as opportunities for us to network.


Ahmad Khosti
Automation Manager – SW Region
602-797-4771 | akhosti@borderstates.com


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