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February 2018

Well the New Year is well on its way and it seems to be flying by. This year is already turning out to be a great year. We have some great new training classes. As well as we will be having many more to come. Some of our upcoming events are as follows:

RAOT – Rockwell Automation on Tour. This event will give you an opportunity to see new products, learn their functions and even work on the equipment on live demos. We will send out flyers once the dates and locations are finalized.

Our power group will be having several seminars over the year. We will have wiring and grounding seminars, which will focus on VFD’s and MCC’s. We will be having are very popular VFD-101 seminar, which will teach you the basics of VFD’s, motors and how to configure them. As well as our Power Integration university which focuses on showing the user how a control system and VFD interact and how to set that interaction up.

This year will be filled with great events to help grow your employee’s competency as well as give you new product knowledge. We are here to help you through your toughest challenges or simplest projects. Please contact your account manager for more information regarding upcoming events.


Ahmad Khosti
Automation Manager – SW Region
602-797-4771 |