Are you needing to put together a large control system and need a controller that can handle the application requirements?


ControlLogix® 5580 High Performance Processors, now with node increases with Studio 5000 version 30!

When configuring your ControlLogix® 5580 control system, you must account for the number of EtherNet/IP nodes you include in the I/O configuration tree in your project. With the release of Studio 5000 version 30, Rockwell has made increases to the amount of node connections within the 5580 product family. Please refer to the table below for information on what the new limitations are:

Rockwell strives to allow customers to put large architectural solutions together while mitigating the need to use multiple controllers. The ControlLogix® 5580 control system’s quad-core processor allows for simultaneous functions within the control system to occur at the same time, significantly increasing the speed of the process, allowing you to optimize your system for maximum profitability.

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