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Color & Contrast Photoelectric Sensors

Problem* Color, contrast, and pastel detection difficulties.
Solution* We offer a variety of Color & Contrast Photoelectric Sensors. From true RGB color recognition sensors designed for industrial use to sensors to detect registration marks and a wide range of background colors, including difficult pastels, we make color/contrast sensors to meet your application needs.
Bulletin 45CLR ColorSight™ Color & Contrast Sensors are self-contained color detection sensors with three output channels, allowing for the concurrent sensing of three different colors. RS-485 compatible models are also available that provide matching of up to 5 colors and communicate true RGB values for remote processing of additional colors.

12…32 mm max sensing range
Wide sensing range tolerance (+/- 6 mm)
Three channel color matching (three outputs)
3 spot sizes available ( 4 mm round, 2 x 2 mm, 5 x 1 mm)
Gating input (also known as inhibiting input)
Adjustable color tolerance
Pulse stretching capability (50 ms off delay)
Teach colors via pushbuttons
External teach capability (one output)
Teach button lockout
270° rotatable connector
Compact size IP67 enclosure


Questions or comments: Contact Clef Siguaben
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Paul Harbinson
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