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Limited Mounting Space, Weld Slag Concerns and Rugged Environment

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Rugged and Compact Smart Sensors Built for Harsh Environments

Rockwell Automation announces a new line of Allen-Bradley® 871FM Miniature Metal Flat Pack inductive proximity sensors. These IO-Link
enabled sensors include fully shielded, stainless steel rectangular housings with stainless steel face and are available in two compact, rectangular
housings (8 mm (0.31 in.) and 14 mm (0.55 in.).The 871FM rectangular sensors can be applied where traditional tubular proximity sensors cannot, whether you’re trying to sense small parts, space
is at a premium, or both. These sensors are designed to sense the presence of ferrous and nonferrous metal objects without touching them
at equal sensing range. The 871FM is offered in general purpose and rugged welding versions with sensing ranges up to 10 mm (0.39 in.).The weld immune model features ToughCoat Finish™ to help prevent weld slag buildup on the sensor. These sensors have Equal/Factor-1 sensing
for all metals and easily mount flush onto the base metal, resulting in a very low profile sensing solution. A variety of quick disconnect and cable
options are available. Typical applications include stamping and die, welding, automotive, conveying, food and beverage and more.
IO-Link allows these smart sensors to easily integrate with The Connected Enterprise, delivering data from the sensor directly into a control system in a cost-efficient and easy-to-use manner via an IO-Link master and EtherNet/IP™

For more information and concerns please reach out to:
Clef Siguaben
Sensors & Connectivity Product Manager – SW Region
Ph 6027974702


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