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836P Solid-State Pressure Sensors

Problem  Challenging environment for a Liquid or Gas Pressure Sensor?
Solution  Compact, robust, cost-effective and Connected Enterprise-ready 836P Pressure Sensor

Rockwell Automation knows condition sensing controls are vital components in today’s control systems. High-accuracy, new technology, and rigid standards are combined to manufacture these reliable world class products. Capable of measuring pressure of liquid or gases, the new Allen-Bradley® Solid-State 836P Pressure Sensors are available in display and non-display models in rugged, compact housings with corrosion resistant 316L solid-state sensor elements. The display model features embedded IO-Link 1.1 communications protocol, which allows for easy integration with The Connected Enterprise while delivering data directly into a control system in a very cost-efficient and easy-to-use manner when connected to an IO-Link Master and EtherNet/IP.™ For easy on-machine programming, it can be configured manually as well as through the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® software.

With a rotatable housing (320°) and head (330°), the flexible 836P display model accommodates the most space-critical applications. And for even greater adjust-ability, the large visual display can be rotated 180º. Additional features include pressure ranges from -1…551 bar (-14.5 psi to 8,000 psi), tactile push buttons for easy setup, and an IP67 enclosure rating. These sensors have dual PNP or one PNP + one 4…20 mA output configurations and are in gauge, absolute and vacuum pressure measurement types with a large selection of process connections.

The 836P non-display model offers a wide pressure range from -1…689 bar (-30 in. Hg to 10,000 psi) and has one of the the smallest footprints on the market, making it ideal for applications with limited mounting space. Non-display models have 4…20 mA analog outputs and an IP67 enclosure rating.



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