specialized wire and cable reels

specialized wire and cable reelsSpecialized wire and cable reels are a must for the job site. They eliminate the need for conductor marking, speeding up installation and providing extra safety.

You’ll reduce labor hours, and therefore lower costs

Color-coded feeder and circuit cables are what eliminate the need for conductor marking, which then helps reduce labor hours.

When time restraints are a factor, you could easily overlook job site space inefficiencies with wire or cable. Be sure to use compartmentalized, preloaded reels to save space, as well as reduce inventory and waste.

Additionally, how much of your time is spent ordering wires and cables in the first place? How about picking them up? Be sure to partner with a provider that offers on-site delivery and 24/7 access to online ordering.

Provide extra safety with specialized wire and cable reels

Of course, safety is key on any job site, so it helps that specialized wire and cable reels make it easy to identify termination by wire color.

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