LED streetlight retrofitting is fast becoming a trend in cities across the U.S. as more municipalities turn to efficient lighting to increase energy savings. With the market for commercial LED lighting increasing, cities are also seeking to conserve energy and save money.

New York City is expected to undergo a major retrofitting project that is projected to save taxpayers $14 million per year once the city’s High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps are replaced with LEDs, Sparket Marketing reported. The project, which will be finished by 2017, will result in the city installing LEDs for 250,000 streetlamps, helping to illuminate over 6,000 miles of road infrastructure and 12,000 miles of sidewalks.

LED Streetlights Last Twice as Long as HPS Lamps

New York City is hoping to save money because LEDs last longer than HPS lamps. Compared to HPS lamps, which last up to 24,000 hours, or about six years as a result of average usage, LEDs are dependable for 50,000 hours, enduring for more than 12 years. Since LEDs have a longer life span than HPS lamps, cities can reduce their maintenance costs associated with having to install new lamps by switching to LEDs.

In addition to lasting longer, LEDs also have the benefit of being brighter than HPS lamps and consuming a lower wattage level. A June 2013 report found that LED installments were more effective than HPS lamps as they not only saved a significant amount of money, but also improved light levels and reduced spill light, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

“Six of the LED products also delivered a higher percentage of emitted lumens to the roadway than their HPS counterparts, and had higher application efficacies as well, most likely because of the better targeted optical system allowed by LED technology,” the DOE report said.

Brighter Streetlights Increase Public Safety

Around the same time of New York City’s announcement, utility Gulf Power Co. said it finished the largest LED streetlight project in the company’s history to improve the public’s safety while traveling on U.S. 98, PNJ.com reported.

The company cooperated with the Florida Department of Transportation and Santa Rosa County to install LED streetlights that lit the way across a stretch of road measuring 19 miles of U.S. 98 between the Gulf Islands National Seashore and the Okaloosa County line to decrease the number of vehicle and pedestrian accidents over the years.

“We worked with our customers to provide the best quality, cost-efficient and effective lighting that will enhance safety for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians along this vital corridor,” said Gulf Power spokesman Jeff Rogers.


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