• Use Ultrasonic sensors in areas screened by partitions or
  • Use PIR in enclosed spaces
  • Create zones controlled by different sensors to manage lighting
    in large areas
  • Use dual technology sensors for areas with very low activity
  • Install sensors on a vibration-free, stable surface
  • Position sensors above or close to the main areas of activity
    in a space
  • Mask the sensor lens to define coverage of the controlled zone
    even more accurately
  • Integrate sensor use with other control methods (i.e. scheduled
    control, day lighting)
  • Educate occupants about the new devices and what to expect


  • Use ultrasonic sensors in spaces with heavy air flow
  • Install ultrasonic sensors in spaces where the ceiling height
    exceeds 14 feet.
  • Use PIR sensors in spaces where there are fixtures or furniture
    that obstruct a clear line of sight
  • Install PIR sensors so that their line of sight continues
    beyond doorways
  • Install sensors within 6-8 feet of HVAC outlets or heating
  • Position a wall switch sensor behind an office door
  • Control emergency or exit lighting with sensors
  • Install PIR sensors in spaces where there are extremely low
    levels of occupant motion

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