protecting workers from arc flashes

Woodhead ArcArrest plugs and receptacles provide the functionality of a switch, simplifying lockout-tagout operations and protecting workers from arc flashes.

The Molex Woodhead ArcArrest Connector System, available through Border States, features spring-loaded silver alloy contact tips, as well as finger drawplates, silicone gaskets and plug caps that help it thrive in harsh industrial environments.

Additionally, all crucial components are heavily glass-reinforced with Valox™ materials to deliver unmatched strength and UL material compliance. The system’s unique design is an ideal safeguard for multiple applications, some of which include:

  • Conveyors
  • Packaging machines
  • Power distribution
  • Process equipment
  • Pumps
  • Welding receptacles

protecting workers from arc flashesProtecting workers from arc flashes: A safe connector with ideal motor disconnect

The ArcArrest system features plugs and receptacles listed under UL 2682, which can operate as switches and be used to disconnect loads while energized, thanks to the silver alloy contact tips.

The user is completely shielded from this energy because the plug maintains a connection with the receptacle during operation. A twisting motion must be applied by the user to remove the plug after the circuit has been interrupted.

There is visual proof (plug separated from receptacle) that power has been removed, helping workers remain compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Check out this Molex ArcArrest application brief.

protecting workers from arc flashesFeatures

  • UL 2682 switch rating, 600V voltage (max), 30A current (max)
  • Secure contacts with silver-nickel tips welded to copper contact bases
  • Automatic sealing when connected
  • Closed receptacle lid and plug achieve sealing when disengaged
  • NEMA 4X- and IP69K-rated to protect against ingress of dust and water
  • Laser labeling for clean and permanent record of certifications and specifications

Benefits and ROI

  • Robust protection from electrical energy
  • Reduced resources for lockout-tagout compliance
  • Enhanced cleanability and durability in harsh environments
  • Faster maintenance and equipment changeovers
  • Improved production uptime and efficiencies
  • UL testing assures a minimum of 6,000 cycles for many years of reliable operation

This blog post was drafted in partnership with Molex. Learn more about the Molex Woodhead ArcArrest Connector System.

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